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And we're back

For those of you who noticed that didn't go anywhere for a month, here's what happened.

I forgot to change my address and phone number with my domain registration company - first when I moved to Virginia, and then when I moved again inside Virginia. But they always had my e-mail address, which hadn't changed since 2004. Apparently I had also used a credit card with them that I let expire. After "chronic nonpayment" they took back the domain in early December, and if they tried to notify me at all, they didn't try my e-mail. They even e-mailed me to check the veracity of my registration information in November after a policy change at ICANN. Since I don't often update this site, I didn't notice for a while that the domain wasn't working. They never answered my claim that they didn't try all the ways they had to contact me. They just demanded I pay back what I owed, plus a $40 penalty to redeem the domain. Hence, the domain is back up, and you can imagine I'm none too fond of this company.

All that is to say, Jeremiah and I are close to launching what we've been working on, in bits and pieces for nearly two years and most heavily in large pieces recently. We don't have huge expectations for it, but we hope it will be fun for us, and for you. Stay tuned.


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