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Yes, I'm still here - just three zones away

Several people have asked why I set up a personal blog elsewhere and stopped updating here. For one thing, it's easier. For another, I'm not sure I want all my neuroses visible here. This was supposed to be a semi-professional site when I (with a lot of technical help) set up this site nearly seven years ago. It looks like my future may include freelance writing to support myself, so I might as well showcase what I've done. I may give updates here of what's going on in my life, but don't count on much. Plus I'm sure the mayor of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, whose e-mail I get occasionally, would like this domain name eventually.

If you're in DC and wondering where I've gone, I live in Seattle now at the behest of my gal, and I'm looking for work. If you have any freelance opportunities to share, or other prospects related to my background, let me know.


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"[A] thoughtful, interesting writer, and pretty damn funny sometimes, too."

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-- Joe Gandelman, Veteran journalist

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-- Adam Faber, Seattle political operative

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-- Jeremiah Lewis, Writer, Filmmaker

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